Win Your Husband’s Heart and Favour

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Win Your Husband’s Heart and Favour

Post by Buddy » Sat Aug 04, 2012 3:46 pm

A woman that must keep other adventurous women away from her husband must be meek and kind to her husband and be ready to watch her language always. We can always gauge our words if we are careful enough. The secret is just being very mature dealing wih people and refused to become easily annoyed by them.

Another better way is to call anyone that annoyed you and tell them amicably (note, not angrily as this always increases tension and creates some sense of competition and a quest for ‘ who will be right?’ kind of scenario that you need to avoid). Say to people: “Mister, do you care to know you really hurt me?”

Once you start to practice this, you will discover that now you can control people’s reaction to you and your words (having gained power over use of words and expected reactions from people around you) at your home and at workplaces.

A subtle way of making people feel your uniqueness is by acting contrary to people’s expected reactions for good purpose. This is a key to self actualization, which is another way of staying in control of your situations. Always remember that people are fond of twisting and turning your argument around to suit their feeling, which is one reason you must master the use of words around your home. You will rarely offend your husband if you are conscious of words.

Sometimes, your husband will really be the one provoking you unduly. Yes, chances are that he really want you to get mad so that you can behave rashly and he would be able to ‘deal’ with you. Some men are like that! But if a man is acting this way intentionally, you need to know that this is the time to test your temperament and see how strong your tolerance can last.

All you need to do at this stage is to switch to amiable voice tone and tell him something like: Honey, please help me to really understand what you want me to do right now, I’m begging”

Let that be your last world in his presence at that moment, then go to pick the necessary household chore that you schedule for that very time.

We are all students of perfection, nobody has made it yet, but we can always learn to be strong from the strength of others where we have challenges, then we can always expect similar favorable result.

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