Before you get married as a man

This is about grown women looking for a good husband...
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Before you get married as a man

Post by Bro Kunle Emmanuel » Tue Jan 14, 2020 5:09 am

Before you get married as a man, try to live alone. Rent an apartment. Pay your rent yourself. Buy a bed, a mattress. Buy a TV. Most importantly, buy pots, gas cooker or stove, and all that you will need in the kitchen.
Can you come back home from work and stay alone in your house without going out to hang out with friends? Can you sit in your house alone especially during weekends and watch your football matches and still feel happy?
Can you say your prayers on your own without anyone reminding you or waking you up? Can you wash your own clothes, mop your house, and make your bed? Can you cook your own food and eat without going out to buy already made food?
Ask yourself!
You cannot sincerely appreciate your wife's ability to take care of the house when you don't have any experience of taking care of your house.
You cannot appreciate what it means to cook fresh food everyday when all you do when you are single is to buy cooked food or ask someone to cook for you.
In the universities, most guys date girls so that they will have someone that will be coming over to their houses to cook for them and then they have sex. Most girls on the other hand, date guys so that they will have someone that will be giving them money to buy whatever they need and then they have sex.
Among male friends, once one of them has got a girlfriend, the friends will all believe that the girl will be coming over, at least on weekends, to cook, wash and clean the house. For them, that is the mark of a girlfriend.
Among females friends, once one of them is dating, they will all believe that she won't lack anything material, like phones, airtime, money for hair and her generally upkeep. For them, that is the mark of having a boyfriend.
I don't think you need me to tell you how stupid and childish such mindsets on dating is.
So I ask you again, can you stay all weeks, all months, all year, as a man without bringing women into your house to sleep with, women you know you won't marry?
You know it is one thing to be claiming virgin when you have not gotten the opportunity or the tempting environment like having a car, a good house, staying alone, and having some cash. It is another thing to remain pure despite having all the opportunities and temptations.
If you fall under the category of people who are holy because they have not had opportunities and temptations, you are still a child.
Learn this from me, it is one thing to get married to someone, it is another to get married to yourself. Getting married to self involves being at home with yourself. Being happy by yourself. Being able to look after yourself. Being able to have self control of yourself. And understanding that when you set a rule for yourself, when you break it, you are cheating on yourself.
It is not an easy thing. This is where the real test of who you are comes out. If you are not married to yourself, it will be a disaster getting married to another.
Forget all those hands you lift up when you come to church on Sundays and even the tears you shed when you are singing worship songs, if you are not a man of character, you will still take with you the choir mistress to your bed that Sunday for another form of worship, only that this time around, it is probably to the devil.

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