This is about grown women looking for a good husband...
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(1) If someone love you genuinely, he/she will always want to be around you
(2) He/she will always call you on phone, drop text messages📩, and even come around to check on you. If he/she says that he's always busy that's why he can't pick your call, then answer me this question, is he not picking others people call?
(3) Someone that truly love you will never think of breaking your heart
(4) Someone that truly love you will never be ashamed of standing close to you even in public
(5) Ladies, someone that really love you will always have you in his plan.
The question to ask is, (my dear, what's your plan toward me in this relationship)
(6) Don't spend your time with un serious person because he/she will use you and then dumb you
(7) If someone really love you he/she will respect you, he'll value you
(😎 For guys, always allow your partner to be the winner of every argument when the argument is a strong one, then if you're very sure that what she's arguing on she's not right, you're to show her some proves later after the whole argument
(9) Ladies, if you want to remain single forever, just form a habit of demanding. It's not good to demand too much in relationship, and for guys, if any lady say's that because you have refuse to buy one thing or the other that she requested from you she'll break up, please let her go, don't even think of marrying such person because divorce in marriage will be the next option
(10) Sex is not love it's a matter of choice, so if a guy does not love you don't think that if you give him sex, you'll be able to win his heart, my dear, you're deceiving yourself.
(11) Ladies, allow a guy to change your name first before changing your roof, if your bride price has not yet paid, my dear you're still a friend not a wife no matter the amount of children you give birth to
(12) Never you cry for someone that doesn't worth your tears in relationship
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