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1. In the morning, tell him how if feels so good to wake up next to him. He will start the day with confidence and look forward to joining you in bed in the evening

2. When he attempts to cook for you, brag about how good he fries the meat, how you find a man who cooks so sexy. He will find himself cooking more for and with you

3. When he does something sexual to you that you like, maybe the way he licks you, grabs you, makes love to you in your favourite position or rubs you; praise his performance and you will benefit with more of it. Men love being crowned as "Great in bed"

4. When he helps you perhaps to start a business or buy a car or solve a problem; tell him how much than means to you and he will love coming to your rescue. He will keep doing you good to receive praise from you. But when you act independent and that you don't need him, he will pull away

5. When he apologizes to you, show him how his apology means alot to you and shows you that he cares. Tell him how you are blessed to have a man who is caring. He will feel so good about saying sorry that in future, if he wrongs you, he will feel proud of himself to apologize

6. When he spends time with you; laugh, have fun, have a good time and tell him "Thank you honey for this special moment. I know you are a busy man and you do so much for us as a family so for you to share this with me, I am grateful". He will feel his presence is valued and find himself spending more time with you. This is how to make your husband give you more quality time, not complaining

7. When he shows you his vulnerable side, when he opens up to you, perhaps about his difficult childhood or his silent struggles. Tell him how proud you are of the man he has turned out to be despise his struggles. He will feel so good about opening up to you and how you lift him up and affirm him that he will constantly confide in you

8. When he falls or life hits him hard, boost his ego. Tell him how great he is, how much you admire him, how much you believe in him. Sometimes all a man needs is to see himself through the loving eyes of his woman for him to get back up. Your words matter. If you make him feel worse about himself, he will be more stressed and a stressed husband is not good for you

Men are very easy to influence. Ladies, if only you knew how much power you have you would easily influence your husband.

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