Nigerian Court Wedding Checklist

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Nigerian Court Wedding Checklist

Post by Bro Kunle Emmanuel » Tue Aug 31, 2010 3:26 pm

Nigeria court wedding is the cheapest among the other types of marriage ceremonies, though it has got a longer process and all criteria must be met. The ceremony/celebration is over before you blink and you don’t inconvenience your guests as they are able to return to their various offices (if it’s during the week) or attend other functions (if it’s a weekend).

You can have a court wedding with FIFTY THOUSAND Naira (N50, 000)……..yes, it can be that cheap!


• SUIT (you can wear one of good suits you have at home, rather than buy a new one)
• Best man attire (you don’t have to wear the same thing)
• Shirt
• Tie (Bowtie, Cravat)
• Rings
• Photography (Videography – optional)
• ‘Thank you’ envelopes - 4 ( this is meant for the officials at the Registry, they don’t ask for it but it is expected)
• Gown (no train gown and nothing flamboyant) or Skirt Suit
• Chief Bride’s maid attire (you don’t need a bridal train)
• Cake (optional)
• Car décor
• Catering (the best option is to have packed food, its neater and easy to manage. You also need to cater for a few officials at the Registry{not compulsory but expected})
• Drinks (Plastic bottles or Cans – takes away the stress of searching and picking bottles) All the food and drinks can be put together in a bag and handed out to the invited guests.
• You don’t need to go through the expense of making different souvenirs; you can just make a single memento to hand over to your guests.
• You guest list can be as small as Ten (10) and as much as TWENTY (20)
• You don’t need to have printed invites; Text messages or Emails can suffice
• No expense on Rental i.e. Chairs, Tables etc
• No expense on Event Planner, hall décor etc

Should you wish to entertain your guests properly and have a sit-down with them; you can decide to pick a venue that is in close proximity to the Registry. Here, you would need to have a caterer or just get a friend to cook for you.

You can also decide to change your attire after the Registry to something simple but nice (lace material sown into a skirt or gown…, your choice)

It is good to know that you don’t need to break a bank’s vault to be legally married in Nigeria, no matter your tribe

So, go ahead and get the ball rolling!!!

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Re: Nigerian Court Wedding Checklist

Post by banyuchloe » Tue Mar 06, 2018 12:55 pm

This checklist will be helpful for the couple who are going to marry soon.

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