Wet Dreams Natural or Spiritual

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Wet Dreams Natural or Spiritual

Post by Bro Kunle Emmanuel » Fri May 17, 2013 4:04 pm

Natural or spiritual?

Wet dream is an accidental and unintentional thing. It is not a sin that can be counted against you that you found yourself ejaculated when you woke-up from your sleep. Medical scientists are of the notion that nocturnal emission/wet dream is a natural help for a release of tension in men especially. No single man is comfortable with wet dreams for many reasons. Most of the common wet dreams are simply that the man dreams he was having sex with a woman or a woman dreaming of having sex with a man; somehow they are actually masturbating while the dream is occurring. The scientists are of the opinion that men always think about sex a lot.

A nocturnal emission/ wet dream are common during adolescence age, early young adult years or anytime after puberty. Some people do wake up during a wet dream while some don’t wake up but sleep through it only to wake up later and found out that they have ejaculated. Some wake up and end it with masturbation while some get disturbed about it.

Medical scientists from my research have several postulations to support a nocturnal emission as a natural thing that shouldn’t get any one bothered but from the religion angle most we Africans know there can be more to wet dreams than natural.

Wet dream and religion
Most religion of the world has their reaction and reservations about having a wet dream. Wet dreams can become a deliverance case depending on how you view your case. The point to note here is that the powers of darkness can delve into natural thing to manipulate it for their wicked operation. READ EPHESIANS. 6:12-13.
Wet dreams can be influenced by the unseen spirits so sexual drive is but a small cause of wet dream in that case.

It is never a crime to do or go for deliverance prayers when your wet dreams become too regular, alarming and disturbing. If you are an addictive masturbator engage yourself in prayer and fasting too. Normal or abnormal situation needs prayers.

Believers in Christ have found victory over wet dreams, located who it was that CONTROLLED their wet dream and with a strong rebuke they have resisted the enemy of their souls. If the temptation comes, what a believer needs to do is to wake up out of sleep, rebuke that spirit then return to sleep.
God gives His beloved SLEEP! Psalms.127:2.
Train yourself to resist the devil and the temptation to have wet dream and masturbation, be pure in your heart and mind, agree that it is not natural and you will overcome it. Quote Scriptures before sleeping and anytime you wake up during the night. Shalom

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