Thinking of same account with your spouse?

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Thinking of same account with your spouse?

Post by Buddy » Fri Jul 23, 2010 8:56 pm

Operating the same account with your spouse may be an ideal thing if both of trust each other. It will check the excesses of one or both of the partners, monitor too closely what the other partner is doing with every withdrawal and can be the only save for the wife should anything happen to the husband.

But you should consider the following: the social status of the family. In a contemporary Nigeria where women are looked at as a tool to keeping the house and taking care of the children (rearing children), no man can consider his wife or wives worthy of sharing the same account. It is truism that our culture has place no much respect to the issue of woman contributing to the family.

In the 1st place, why do you own a joint account? This is to enable families to spend their monies rightly and prudently in order to train the children, eat well, cloth well, have a good shelter and above all save for future occurrences. Who then takes the decision of how this money is to be spent? The Nigerian man would definitely want to rule it out. This is because the wife is only a tool.
Financial status of the family is a strong factor to be considered. For instance, if the income of the family is not up to the required expenditure of the family, can they own a joint account? The issue of same account will not come up in such a family. It is because some families are financially buoyant that they can even think of owning a joint acct.

Time of Marriage
: marriage that took place within the 60s and early 70s can not discuss the issues of joint account. Do not get me wrong. I agree some has but then the awareness was not as it is today. I am referring here to Nigerian families.

Education Level: With education come civility and the passion to strive in the word finds its way into our heart. The level of one's education matters also in this case. People with little or no education at all give no importance to this kind of issues.

I am not saying or against but trying to caution to look critically into the above mentioned reasons before taking stance.

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