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Urgent Advice. About Losing My Marriage

Posted: Tue Oct 05, 2010 12:31 pm
by Mrs Bamidele
I’ ve been married for almost 2yrs now and though i didn’t have a good job after we got married but about a year ago, i got a well paying job and though i earn more than him, you wont believe my husband hardly pays for anything in the house-it is so frustrating and annoying that i have to buy pampers,baby food, food stuff, fuel my car and house generator, pay for water ,dstv, general house repairs , buy the basic needs and if not forcefully, i made sure i started collecting creche money from him and its so annoying that even when i remind him that its the 4th day of the mth, the attitude is not nice at all and am like must the creche give you a reminder note before you pay or what?. I have to make a point here, he has been supportive before i got this job, but after i started working, he doesnt just contribute again and when you ask him, he might get angry and really, i will love to support but when there is appreciation and gestures here and there, i won’t have minded. He can only assist to feed the baby when he is in the mood. Because i resume work 7am, i have to be awake for 430 to get my 10mth baby for creche, my husband wont even assist in throwing the baby bath water even if he passes the baby room 5 times and he sees am dressing him.

There are so many other petty issues that are unconsciously creating a wall and are seriously reducing my feelings for him, I am struggling with all my might here but am afraid if care is not taken, i might lose it someday.

What should I do? I really do not want to lose my marriage at this age.

Re: Urgent Advice. About Losing My Marriage

Posted: Tue Mar 26, 2013 8:16 am
by Ellen
what happened now with your marriage ?
i hope all the things going good right now :)
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Re: Urgent Advice. About Losing My Marriage

Posted: Wed Sep 17, 2014 1:16 pm
by karolina
do not blame your husband because it is normal when a husband feels a bit disappointed when his wife's income is larger than him especially during the first months of your new job. discuss this matter patiently with him, without anger or anything else that may break your communication and relationship. Be patient. Show him your love. Show him that no matter what, your love to him and his love to you is the most important part of your marriage, especially when both of you have been blessed with your child. Don't make that love disappears just because that financial issue. As long as you love each other, everything can be fixed :)