Marriage is Submission not Partnership

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Marriage is Submission not Partnership

Post by Bro Kunle Emmanuel » Sat Mar 12, 2016 5:12 am


LADIES if you haven't LEARNED SUBMISSION, stay away from MARRIAGE. Marriage is not PARTNERSHIP, its AUTHORITY, you are under your Husband and subject to Him.

The higher authority is Jesus. If HE is not SUBJECT to CHRIST, then its an ERROR! Start learning how to SUBMIT to your mum, dad, pastor, leaders and BOSS if you haven't being doing SO yet.

GENTLEMEN, it doesn't imake you become BOSSY. Oh GENT if YOU still THINK ME, MYSELF and I, then you ain't matured yet for MARRIAGE.

Stop Proposing and engaging sisters for donkey years and telling them to wait for YOU? Huh?

GENTLEMEN, MATURITY is for RESPONSIBILITY, don't go finding a woman when you ain't ready to be responsible. It's more than AGE and having a beard, or a good house, car or so much money in your bank account.

HELLO MR, Your parents still feed you, give you pocket money ,PAY your SCHOOL FEES? HUH? You have no business COURTING or being in a RELATIONSHIP not to talk of MARRIAGE. An adult still being BREASTFED? That's an ERROR!!!

FINDING someone to LOVE YOU is very EASY, but FINDING someone SUITABLE for YOU is the ASSIGNMENT.

HE CALLS YOU EVERYDAY? Say what? Any good friend can do that.
SHE COOKS GOOD and BRINGS YOU NICE MEALS? Even your mum can cook.
HE TAKES YOU OUT ALWAYS and SHOPS FOR YOU? That's sweet, but even a good girl friend can do that for you.
SHE'S CARING? Huh? Your sister cares, your mum does, that Lady at work cares!
SHE'S BEAUTIFUL? Beauty is Vain, charm is deceit!

If your reasons for marrying anyone is JUST BECAUSE YOU LOVE HIM or HER, those are LAME REASONS.....Its too cheap!

Have you checked, if he or she tithes? How about partnering in the kingdom? Who is he listening to? Who is she subjected to aside you?, What's
his or her relationship with others, family, friends or colleagues? You just can't be the only person he or she is passionate about or cares for? If you are, there is an error! We have too mist love to dispense to only one person.

LOVE is more than feelings, its a FORCE! Its SUPERNATURAL and everyone is capable of LOVE.

Like I always say DON'T MARRY DREAMERS, MARRY VISIONAIRES!!! People Who make realistic and achievable goals and get them done in every little way.

There would be a time when those FEELINGS won't feel like it, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? You need CONCRETE CONVINCTIONS to MARRY SOMEONE! That's why as a MAN you must have VISIONS, LAID DOWN already! Know who you are and your God-given purpose.

LADY know who you are and where you are going, SO YOU DON'T GET CARRIED away by any man's vision.

There must be a MEETING POINT in your VISIONS, you are PARTNERS, If you're not going where the other is going, LEG IT!

GENT, YOUR WIFE is a HELPMEET, called to assist YOU. GENT! Now who told you because SHE PRAYS so WELL and SINGS so sweetly she's the ONE FOR YOU! Even the devil comes as an angel of LIGHT.

ENJOY your feelings with caution, DON'T LET THEM CONTROL YOU. There's a CALLING for EVERYONE. BE CAREFUL WHO YOU MARRY! Find it before you think of saying I DO!

AGE is not maturity! ( Pause and think). BE IN YOUR PLACE OF PURPOSE LADY - even if its a HOLE, HE WILL FIND YOU. Stop trying to FIND HIM. Lady protect your self-esteem. SET a STANDARD for yourself, UPHOLD BIBLE- based VIRTOUS VALUES and stick to them.

Nevertheless, LOVE is IMPORTANT, SHOW MUCH LOVE. Love is like a Plant, it takes time to grow when you are watering it.

EVERY RELATIONSHIP without COMMUNICATION dies no matter what kind it is. There must be constant sharing of thoughts.
DON'T become INACCESSIBLE or deaf to your PARTNER, understand even their SIGN LANGUAGE. That's why you must pay attention to those you LOVE.

Yes its a responsibility, STUDY them and get to know them.

Without respect there is no love but remember RESPECT is earned; Guy don't go fighting for who to bow to YOU or call you LORD, its childish. When a woman LOVES you and you show her how important she is to you, she would KNEEL for YOU without you asking her to.

If you can't TRUST your PARTNER, you can as well leave now before MARRIAGE. You won't always be there to MONITOR them, stop STALKING!!!

LOVE is the BEST GIFT we can give to anyone, show much LOVE

Ephesians 5:33 Amplified version; "and let the wife see that she respects and reverences her husband [ that she notices him, regards him, honors him, prefers him, venerates, and esteems him; and that she defers to him, praises him, and loves and admires him exceedingly].

You see the 1st synonym for reverence is to notice him. Most women don't notice their husbands. They think they are still in their parents house where they just walk and see their siblings sitting in the sitting room and just greet them and pass by!

If your husband is alone in the parlor maybe watching tv go straight there, hold his hand, sit very close to him, maybe lean your head on his shoulder. Just do something romantic and watch with seriousness what he's watching. If you don't like watching football and he likes it you better start learning how to watch football. Moreover when men have their women around them, it makes them feel proud, it makes them feel important and valued, it makes them more a man.

Don't act as though your husband is an inanimate object, notice him! Don't wait until you have a need before coming to him. Men too love to be loved.

Notice the nice shirt he wears, his shoe, tell him how beautiful his tie is.

By Pastor Joy Amenkhienan
Zonal Director - Christ Embassy Port Harcourt Zone 3.

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