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Your marriage is your first TEMPLE

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 7:25 am
by Bro Kunle Emmanuel
Nothing irritates me more than women who are experts in honouring other people's husbands. They'll surrender to their pastor's command, bow to their prophesy, do yes sir, yes pastor, yes father, yes my lord, freely for other people's husbands, even to the extent of doing house girl for their pastors wives, undertake every spiritual assignments given to them without asking questions, ready to climb a rock with red and white candles if instructed by their pastor, honour and submit to someone else husband...

But to do the same to their own husband at home is so difficult for them. They'll come home and never speak a kind word to their husbands, they'll argue with him and object to every decision he makes, same women who will go out and worship another man's husband in the name of daddy in the Lord. The enemy at work.

The mere fact that you can listen to that man outside shows you can do more for your own man at home, if you can bow to that pastor, then you should prostrate to your husband, because he's the number one pastor in your life, put there by God himself,....

In this same vein, when a man has another woman apart from his wife who he listens to, he honours her, cherish her, and the woman can even control every thing he does. But his own wife he won't tolerate for a moment. And its not even that the other woman outside does better, many times the other woman cannot even be compared to the loving wife he has at home. If you can tolerate another woman's trash, then you can do more for your own wife..

Don't let the enemy win in your marriage, your pastor is your spiritual guide, he's the last person you run to when all the other options have been exhausted, it's God first, then your husband, as a matter of fact, approaching God is even faster when you seek Him together as a couple, let the pastors wife worship and take Instructions from her husband, you worship and take instructions from your own....

Save your marriage! Let all this Daddy and mommy in the Lord end at the marriage altar!