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Post by Bro Kunle Emmanuel » Tue Sep 11, 2018 8:33 am

When searching for a wife, there are certain qualities one must look for to have peace of mind.

- She must be your number one supporter, your assistant, the mother and nurturer of your children and lineage.

- She should be able to teach positivity, patience, respect, wisdom, compassion, grace etc.

- She should be able to bring quality moments to daily family life with grace no matter the budget.

- She should be able to acknowledge you as the head.

- She should be feminine and warm to provide peace, patience and respect for herself and you.

- She should be soft spoken, clean, a good cook, highly affectionate, a good sex mate, in fact she should be a *nurturer* that she was created to be.

- She MUST let you lead the family at all times.

That is a perfect woman that I have just painted. A woman that every man desires to have.

To get her, certain conditions have to be put in place because it is a full time job!

For her to be so dedicated, she cannot realistically have the time nor energy to work outside the home. She will be happier and more energetic not working.

My thoughts...

Maybe it is time we went back to the ways of old where less is best and the family is content with whatever the man brings home.

Question of the day

My Brother...

In today's world where the woman is working quite as hard as the man (if not more sometimes), how do you think balance can be achieved in the home?

My Sister...

How should the 21st century woman manage her role as a good wife considering her responsibility of being a joint provider to still have a healthy marriage where her husband is the leader?

Yinka Fasinro

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