Why some women shy during intimacy

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Why some women shy during intimacy

Post by Bro Kunle Emmanuel » Mon Dec 04, 2017 4:27 pm

A lot of men wonder why some women during intimacy, have the tendency to cover their faces and say "but turn off the light".

Let me answer that question
Most of the time when women do this is because they feel insecure about their body. As if her body were not beautiful enough! They cover their faces because they do not want to see the man's reaction to seeing her body completely naked.
Most men when they have sex with a woman or are going to have, wherever they go, should understand that some women are confused with their body.
Especially when there are men who make them feel that way, making them think that their body is not enough and lowering their self-esteem, just because they are insecure and selfish themselves.
The next time you see a woman doing this, kiss her forehead or get close to her ear and whisper that she has an amazing body, hold her and leave sex for later. First give her the assurance that her body is beautiful and thank that woman for allowing that moment to happen and if you do not want to appreciate or value her then dont make her fall in love with you and don't sleep with her because she simply does not deserve a little man and You do not deserve to be the best of God's work.


Share this message because the most beautiful woman in the world, has no idea that she is reading this....

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