15 Wrong Reasons For Getting Married

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15 Wrong Reasons For Getting Married

Post by Bro Kunle Emmanuel » Tue Feb 07, 2017 5:34 pm

1. You must not get married because of lust.

2. Infatuation (Love at first sight- sudden love)

3. Just liking the idea of marriage. It's just like joining the Army because you like the uniform. Nobody joins the army with a promise that he won't go to war.

4. The fear of remaining unmarried(my friends are all married, my sisters are all
married e.t.c)

5. Pressure (parents, friends, etc)

6. Because you want to escape being jilted (if he is the right man/woman, he or she wont jilt you)

7. Getting married for money (money does not guarantee a successful marriage at all.

8. Using marriage as an escape route!

9. Having pity... (feeling sorry for the Man or the Woman.)

10. Foolish Expectation......[Marrying an unbeliever and expecting him/her to change in the course marriage! especially if they don't change before you marry them]

11. Marrying for Beauty or Handsomeness.......[The best time to access a woman properly is absolutely when she wakes up in the morning!] Let him see you as you are Now!!!

12. Accidental PREGNANCY! [Just because you become pregnant along the line doesn't mean you have to bury your destiny there.

13. Tribal Connection [I must marry someone from my town.,,etc...]

14. To satisfy your Parents.

15. Marrying to hurt your Parent
- Dr D.K Olukoya (MFM)

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Re: 15 Wrong Reasons For Getting Married

Post by RACHELALLAN1 » Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:59 am

When we thing for marry we not take decison for anyone satisfication or any our mistake . I agree with you sister some people had wrong reason thats why they cannot be satisfy with thier married life ...
Mrriage deciede by God and Impliment By US

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