Unscriptural taking names to pastors/prophet

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Unscriptural taking names to pastors/prophet

Post by Bro Kunle Emmanuel » Tue May 01, 2018 6:49 am


It is unscriptural to be taking names to pastors/prophet to help you choose who to marry or to determine who your partner will be, you will easily be misled.

It is very unscriptural for a pastor to see a vision for you about whom to marry. Marriage is not 100% spiritual. It has certain physical attributes,and spirituality will never take the place of physical attributes in marriage.

That someone is spiritual(born again),doesn't mean he/she wil be a suitable partner for you,because after being born again(spirituality) ,there is a for spiritual growth, which is called THE WALK OF FAITH. And in the walk of faith,you are the one to take up responsibilities yourself by adding and removing certain things in your life,so that your walk of faith in marriage will be effective (2peter1:5 tells us the things to add to our lives,and not God adding them to us. Hence its our responsibility to cultivate the above attributes and qualities in other to be a suitable partner , and also we should also look out fobothe above qualities before marry.

Hence as a single person willing to be married some days, you are to marry a;

1)Christian: Someone who is truly and thoroughly born again,and committed to Christ. By their fruits you shall know them.No one can pretend to be a Christian for long, if only you are sensitive. 2corin6: 14-16 gives us 80% details of whom to marry.

2) Marry a God fearing person: A person who has no regard for God will never have regard for you. Never allow love and emotion make you take the decison of marriage that you know the future isn't secured for you.

3) Whom to marry must be dutifully engage.At least have something that brings income to monthly, weekly, daily, because there can be no true romance without finance.

4 )Such person must have a clear definable & impeccable character. eg,caring supportive, listening person,not domineering, friendly, considerate etc.

5) They must be somone that can add value to your life.People easily submit to people who added value to their lives, than people who are parasites.Spiritual values, intellectual values, emotional values etc.

6)They must be someone willing to make sacrifice for you.

7)Someone who cherish and respect your values. Not someone who only wants you to do his be biddings, while he treats yours with disdain.

8)Someone who respect your parent,friend, relative or people who are important to you.

Remember, your partner will only treat your parent/relstives etc the way you treat them. If you are casual about them ,he/she will do worst,and if you attach importance to them,he/she will apply same.

9) Marry who ever you flow with the most and have the above attributes. Marry your best friend.

N/B: Stop taking name to pastors to tell you whom to marry, they will misled you because marriage is not 100% spiritual.

Its has physical attributes,and spirituality CANNOT play the role of the physical attributes of marriage. There must be a balance, else such union won't last.
In your choice of a partner, never pay more attention to how a person look, rather pay attention to how they think,their plans and vision etc, because what define a person is not outward but inward>prov23:7:As a man THINKETH in his heart, so is he.

Meaning the sum total of a person's life is reflected in how they think (reason).

There is different between seeking for spiritual counsel/guidelines before marriage and taking name/names to pastors to help determine /choose a partner.


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