How To Avoid Ruining Your Marriage

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How To Avoid Ruining Your Marriage

Post by Bro Kunle Emmanuel » Sat Jun 08, 2013 10:57 am

For Married Men

Rule 1: Never Be Unfaithful To Your Wife.

This is a biggie. Marriage is sacred - whether you are religious or not. Being unfaithful to your wife not only proves to her that you disrespect her, but also that you are untrustworthy. Simply never even think about doing it, much less actually doing it. The excitement of an illicit affair is simply not worth the pain it brings.

Rule 2: Never Lie To Your Wife.

Being truthful, and speaking only the truth, is the only way to ensure that you are never "caught out." If you lie to your wife you will be caught out at some stage, and then she will wonder how many other lies you have told her, and whether you can be trusted at all. It might be painful to tell the truth, but it is always less painful than being caught out lying.

Rule 3: Never Listen Half-heartedly When She Talks.

Not listening when someone speaks is rude and shows disrespect for the person. If you do this your wife will grow to resent talking to you, and that is not a good position to get into in your relationship. Concentrate on what she says, and respond intelligently.

Rule 4: Don't Neglect To Assist With Household Tasks.

This is an area where many men are guilty. If you do not assist your wife with the household tasks you communicate to her that she is only your slave. On its own it can already destroy any feelings that your wife has for you, and together with the other things we mention it just makes things worse. Help her with household tasks - and not only every now and then either. No, make it a habit to help her, and watch how her respect for you grows.

Rule 5: Do Not Point Out Her Shortcomings.

We all have shortcomings because nobody is perfect. I bet you don't like it when someone points out your shortcomings to you, do you? No? Then do you think your wife enjoys it? Of course she doesn't. And she likes it even less when the person closest to her - her husband - is the one bringing it up. Only someone with a caveman attitude could argue that she "just has to take it" because she is inferior in any case. She is not inferior - God has made her extra special, in fact.

Rule 6: Do Not Lie On The Couch / Watch TV While She Works.

We get back to the slave issue again. In the previous article I already pointed out that you should not let your wife get the impression that she is only a slave to you. Lying on the couch and leaving your wife to do all the work is nothing other than letting her be your slave. This type of behavior screams at your wife that you have no respect for her. If you indulge in this behavior you should NOT be surprised if she leaves you for someone who treats her with respect.

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