Qualities f a good wife

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Qualities f a good wife

Post by Bro Kunle Emmanuel » Sat Dec 10, 2011 7:10 pm

1. Trustworthy - Pr 31:11
  • a. The husband can safely entrust her with his income
    b. She will not squander what he gives her, but use it in a
    manner that benefits them both

2. Filled with an enduring love - Pr 31:12
  • a. Devoted to doing her husband good all her life
    b. Just as she vowed in the wedding ceremony

3. Has practical skills - Pr 31:13-15,21-22
  • a. Such as sewing
    b. And cooking

4. Industrious - Pr 31:16,24
  • a. Makes investments (buys land and plants a vineyard)
    b. Provides extra income (makes clothing and sells to

5. Compassionate - Pr 31:20
  • a. Helping the poor
    b. Reaching out to the needy

6. Strong character - Pr 31:25
  • a. Character matters, and she has developed a strong one
    b. Just as Peter stressed in
1Pe 3:3-4
7. Speaks words of wisdom and kindness - Pr 31:26
  • a. She is thus concerned about what proceeds from her mouth
    b. Just as Paul stressed in
Ep 4:29
8. Diligently sees to her family's need - Pr 31:27
a. Makes whatever preparation necessary - cf. Pr 31:15 b. So that her family does not go in want - cf. Pr 31:21 9. Fears the Lord - Pr 31:29-30
  • a. She understands that this quality is more important and
    praiseworthy than physical beauty
    b. With the fear of the Lord, she has the potential for great wisdom
- Pr 1:7

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