If You Won't Marry Her, Why Make Her Pregnant

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If You Won't Marry Her, Why Make Her Pregnant

Post by Bro Kunle Emmanuel » Mon Dec 04, 2017 4:22 pm

If You Won't Marry Her, Why Make Her Pregnant?...........

Every now and then, I see ladies swearing at guys when he makes a girl pregnant and does not want to marry her or he denied being responsible.

You girls should know that sex and Love are not the same thing. A guy can have sex with any vulnerable lady whether he Loves her or not. The fact that a guy enjoys having sex with you or is having sex with you often in the relationship does not mean he will marry you when he gets you pregnant.

I will repeat it again, sex and love are not the same thing. Although they help complement each other sometimes but that does not mean it's the same thing.

The way a guy feels when he is in love is different from how he feels when he is having sex. After a guy's cums the sensation that comes with having sex with you is over, but when a guy loves you, the feeling last longer than you can imagine.

Sex is just a few minutes or few hours of body sensation enjoyment but love supersedes that.

Why do you think a guy will be dating a girl, having sex with her often and will deny responsibility when she gets pregnant ? Why do you think some will accept that yes they are responsible for the pregnancy but will tell you they can't marry you? It's because they see no future with you.

The fact that a guy cannot imagine himself getting married to you does not mean he will not have sex with you if you open your legs for him.

When it comes to sex guys can do it with any available free girl. So you girls should wise up and stop looking for whom to blame for allowing yourself to be used.

If the guy will not use a condom, you can refuse sex. If you allowed raw sex then take anything to get his seed out of you before it germinate in you.

I don't even understand how you will be dating a guy or having just a fling with someone and you will allow him to have raw sex with you and you wont do anything until you become pregnant.

To me, most matured girls that does this are desperate for marriage so they think once they get pregnant the guy will have no other option than to marry them. Hello, that trick is now archaic!

So if you are dating a guy, if you don't want sex and he wants sex and you don't want to give him, you are free to dump his ass. No be quarrel. If you allow sex, let him use a condom, if he did not, take contraceptive pills after the act.

It is better that way than allowing yourself to get pregnant and then you will go for an abortion or becoming a baby mama because the guy that made you pregnant denied responsibility.

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