Nigeria Church Marriage Certificate

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Nigeria Church Marriage Certificate

Post by Bro Kunle Emmanuel » Mon Aug 15, 2011 9:00 pm

Marriage solemnization can either take place in court (this is called Court Marriage) or a Marriage registry licensed church (Church Marriage)

Marriage registry licensed Church, these are churches that have applied to the Marriage Registry for Federal Republic of Nigeria (FRN) marriage Certificate booklets and have been granted the authority to issue same on behalf of the marriage registry for marriages that take place at it Altar (note: not all churches are licenced). Normally, before a marriage can be done in such a church they will normally ask you to obtain the permit(notification) normally granted by the marriage registry to all intending couples after a 21 day formal notice at the registry and an oath taking. Such institution accounts for every certificate that they issue to couples and such has to be backed up by the marriage permit obtained by the couple from the registry.

The FRN Marriage Registry Certificate comes in triplicates. Normally, on your wedding day, you are given a copy, the church keeps one and the third copy has to be returned to the marriage registry where you obtained the permit for the purpose of closing out and to show that the marriage has been consummated. Most big time churches like the Catholic, Anglican, Methodist etc and the Head Quarter church of most Pentecostal churches have the FRN Marriage Registry Certificate. Please note that it is this FRN Marriage Certificate that is recognized by such institutions as the Embassies etc. Also note that most churches have their personalized Certificates which are not FRN marriage Registry Certificate.

Similarly, note that FRN Marriage Registry Certificate is the same certificate you would get if your marriage had be consummated in the Registry. This is what people call Court Marriage in Nigeria. If your intention is to have the whole marriage process completed in the registry (court) and not the church, all u need to do is to tell the Registrar and u will be asked to pick a wedding day (normally mutually agreed with the registry) after the permit has been granted which has to be before the latest indicated date on the permit. By this, you don’t need to take the permit to anyway (i mean church) since the final solemnization will be in the in the registry.

Because most churches or their branches do not have the FRN Marriage Registry certificate that is why some couples do a court (registry) wedding 2 or 3 days before the actual church wedding. By this, such couple can have the FRN Marriage Certificate issued by the registry and at the same time have their marriage blessed in the church on a later day and also get the church's personalized marriage certificate. But this does not mean u must do both the court wedding and church wedding. You do not need to go take your marriage vows in the registry or court if your church has the Marriage Registry's permission to issue FRN Marriage certificates, all u need is the 21 days notice at the marriage registry to be granted the permit to be taken to your church. In all cases, church or registry weddings you need at least 2 witnesses who will be signatories on the wedding certificate. These can be anybody but most people use their parents.

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