Why Couples Quarrels In Marriages

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Why Couples Quarrels In Marriages

Post by Bro Kunle Emmanuel » Sun Jul 17, 2011 2:48 pm

Findings have shown that couples all over the world quarrel almost about same broad areas. These include; money, roles, sex, children, in-laws, friends, culture, accusations of lack of love or care, mannerisms, house helps, religion, politics, demonic influence, recreation, jobs, communication, value systems, self esteem etc.

Other areas of quarrel includes:
Pre-conceives and Misguided ideas that, almost all people of the opposite sex are bad and should be tolerated as a necessary evil in marriage.
Preconceived ideas that one should be closer to his or her relations than the spouse, have destroyed the foundation of what would otherwise have been happy homes.
Using others as your yardstick. Expecting your spouse to be as good as your parent(s) and friends, your neighbours, your friend’s spouse or the man or woman you know in a fairy tale novel, write up or film. It is hard or almost impossible to meet preconceived standards you set for your spouse. They are like traps which end up “catching” the marriage as a whole. If your spouse must meet any of your standards at all, the best you do is allow him or her grow into it and this can take many, many years if not a whole life time . Learn tolerance.
Unfaithfulness on the part of a spouse is another area of quarrels. Many times mostly men are unfaithful and this has led to a lot of quarrels. Couples should realize that since their destinies are tied together through marriage they should focus their attention on how they will deal with their unfaithful spouses but also on how they can help them get out of the prison of sexual immorality. The absence of help will lead to the man being “brought to a piece of bread” Pro. 6:26. This can eventually lead to the whole marriage and family not being worth more than a piece of bread.

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