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Post by Bro Kunle Emmanuel » Sat Jul 04, 2015 12:03 pm

• Avoid being alone with your intended spouse or the opposite sex at odd places and times.
• Never allow him or her sit on your lap.
• Avoid kissing and fondling of one another. A peck will lead to mouth to mouth kissing, which will lead to deeper and longer kissing, and then, fondling and then sex. One thing lead to another.
• Decide never to sleep in the house of one you are dating no matter what, even when you are out of town. Let arrangement be made for you where you will sleep when you visit. Keep your testimony.
• Decide that your spouse to be will never see your nakedness until you are married.Never undress or dress up while he or she looks on.
• Be very careful about hugging each other. Do not forget that love exists in your heart for each other and that each time you hug you are transmitting emotional current which affects your body chemistry and stirs strong sexual desires that will take the special grace of God to stop you from having sex.
Be careful. Do not think I am being too rigid, I am only trying to help and save you from an act of shame that will mar your testimony
and put you in a difficult and disadvantaged position in life. Many have fallen because of this kind of play.
7. The influence of sex movies, books, sexual songs and other forms of pornography.
There is no gainsaying the fact that pornography creates and fuels sexual desires in all that view and give themselves to it.
Your mind will always respond to what it has received from the eyes and ears.
It will always process and transmit what has been fed it to the appropriate organs of the body and secret the relevant hormones to fulfill desires.
Remember, Input determines output. It is garbage in garbage out.
Pornography will create sexual desires and make you lust.
It will destroy the defense mechanism God has built in you and make you fall into sexual sins.
Avoid it. Destroy such materials if you have them at home. Don’t give them away, destroy them. Save yourself and others.

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