18 Counsel You Must Know Before You Get Married

This is about grown women looking for a good husband...
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18 Counsel You Must Know Before You Get Married

Post by Bro Kunle Emmanuel » Mon Jan 20, 2020 5:16 am


1• When you get married, don’t cause a separation between your man and his siblings; instead be the mediator between them When fight set in. It will make all of them, including your husband Love you more in the long run. But when you are the trouble maker, it could be dangerous for you when they finally speak with one voice.

2• I know that some of you girls don’t wish to marry a man whose mother is still alive, don’t ever think like that, instead start practicing how to be her best friend even now that you haven’t met her.

3• Many ladies want to marry a rich man. But you can actually marry that your “yeye boyfriend” as Zlatan will call him, as far as he has clear vision which you too can see don’t say bye bye to him. Many ladies married money and later expect the man to love them. How will he love you when he knows that you only came for the money.

4• There are few guys who will still worship you after getting under your pants. So if its possible, close your legs. He will keep knocking but do not open, instead give him fake hope like a politician. At least until…

5• My friend, please try as much as possible to marry your friend. When you go for the man you barely know because you see money, you might end up going into a marriage where you are treated like a maid and a sex doll, lol.

6 • If you get married to the one you love and he loves you. In case things are not moving the way you wish. Just stand by him, encourage him and pray for him.

7 • Once you get married, please and please, do not deny your husband sex. Nothing vex man pass that thing. Even when u don’t feel like doing it, do it for his sake. He love you enough to pay your dowry. Give it to him, after all you used to give it to your boyfriend back then in school for 2eggs and one indomie.

8 • Even before getting married, get a tangible thing or idea which can make you money no matter how small. It’s an added advantage for the qualification into the institution of marriage. No be anytime wey u want buy pad your husband go know nah..

9 • Baby do you know that men like to see ladies that wear skirt that barely covered their bum bum. But do you know that when they want to get married, they search for the ones who dress well. So use your teeth to count your tongue, abi, your teeth to count your tongue, infact, you know what I am trying to say.

10 • My dear please don’t go into marriage with the mindset that man and woman are equal. This is Africa, so get ready to submit yourself to him like your final exam answer sheet.

11• My dear marriage is not a Rehabilitation Centre, if he’s not good enough for you before marriage, there is nothing you can do about it after marriage.

12 • If you know the way you looked good to him that made him like you and proceeded to marry you, keep it up. Its not after giving birth to one child you will leave things to fall apart.

13 • Still into African style baby, don’t argue with your husband in public, and in the presence of your children. Use your bedmatic midnight powers to switch over the idiot to your side. When you are sure your own idea will work better.

14• When you pack your belonging and go to live with a man. Do you still expect him to come and do the needful on top your head. Nothing will push him to do so na, since he can push you to the bed anytime. Nobi me talk am o.

15 • My good friend, I know that no man out there is complete, but when you are looking for your tall, slim, fair and handsome, if he’s a woman-beater, please, go for the short, fat, dark and ugly that will give you the respect you deserve as a woman.

16 • Its good to love what your hubby loves. You cannot come and be watching kunfu when he wants to watch football, or… Pastor Wilson… I no talk anything o.

17• And, don’t date a married man please. Abeg.

18 • No home is perfect. So try to solve the problem of your family within. Don’t go out and be telling friends about every little thing that goes wrong. Those people you are telling have their own problems but they didn’t tell you. So don’t be a teller, make them no fill u, come withdraw you from the bank, sorry, the marriage.

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